Dion Jones is PrimeTime

Dion Jones is a driven individual with an unwavering determination to

become one of the finest professional athletes. Throughout his life, he has

faced numerous challenges, and it is boxing that serves as his ultimate

source of motivation. At the tender age of 16, Dion tragically lost his older

brother, who had been his closest confidant and friend. This devastating

loss led him down a difficult path, marked by moments of despair and

involvement with various drugs and alcohol. However, the gym and athletic

pursuits emerged as his saving grace, providing a positive focus and

guiding him towards a path leading to success.

Fueled by an internal fire, Dion aspires to step into the ring, aiming to prove

to himself and the world that his boxing prowess ranks among the very

best. With an ever-growing support network of friends, family, and fans

eagerly watching his journey unfold, Dion strives to attain success and

inspire others with his achievements. Hailing from the vibrant city of Las

Vegas, Dion’s athletic journey initially commenced at the age of 5 through

football, where his exceptional skills allowed him to excel in various

positions for a decade.

Dion Jones is Prime Time

However, as high school arrived, Dion’s dreams of pursuing a professional

football career seemed distant, with his weight measuring a mere 132

pounds. Faced with this reality, he sought a sport where size held no

significance, leading him to embrace wrestling during his freshman year. By

the time senior year arrived, Dion had honed his wrestling abilities to a

remarkable level, culminating in securing the prestigious title of state


His pursuit of success continued in college, where Dion embarked on a

wrestling journey in Washington. Unfortunately, fate dealt him a difficult

blow when a dislocated shoulder plagued his first year, resulting in a 2-3

record. Wrestling with a dislocated shoulder amidst the constant rainfall of

Seattle, a city grappling with high suicide rates, proved to be an

unfavorable environment. Consequently, Dion returned to his hometown of

Las Vegas, where he assumed the role of head coach for his former

wrestling team at the remarkably young age of 19.

During his first year as coach, the team faced numerous challenges, with

only six wrestlers and no team victories. Determined to inspire his team,

Dion delivered motivational speeches after each practice, often gazing into

a mirror as he imparted words of encouragement.

It was during one of these reflections that he realized he was still young

enough to heed his own advice and pursue his dreams passionately.

Dion Jones is Prime Time

Embracing this newfound realization, Dion shifted his focus to boxing,

initially intending to pursue mixed martial arts. However, as fate would have

it, he discovered a profound love for boxing, instilling within him an

unyielding belief that no opponent could surpass his skill and dedication.

Now, standing at the threshold of his athletic journey.

Dion is prepared to take the momentous leap into the realm of professional athletics, eager to

leave an indelible mark on the world of boxing.